30 Not to be Missed Pages of Elf Printables

It’s that time of year when the Christmas elf arrives at home and at school and although he may get up to lots of mischief he can create lots of learning opportunities too with my elf printables.

Introduce your Christmas elf with one of these letters.

Elf Printables

There is a letter introducing the naughty elf for the first time, there is a letter from a returning elf and there is also a letter from an elf returning with a friend. You can choose the most appropriate one. Put a letter in an envelope and leave it somewhere for the children to find. See the excitement in their faces as they realise that they are going to have a visitor in school. Each letter rhymes and children can be encouraged to listen out for the rhyming words while also appreciating that print conveys meaning and serves a purpose.

Once in school, the naughty elf can get up to all sorts of tricks. For lots of different ideas visit Pinterest. The naughty elf will quickly capture the children’s imagination and they will be eager to do all things elf related and my elf printables offer a range of activities for the children to try.

The plain and lined paper can be used to draw pictures, write notes and letters for the elf to encourage lots of mark making. Continue to write letters, ask questions and set challenges from the elf. The children will be eager to respond and complete activities for the Christmas elf.

In the elf printables pack there are a number of colouring sheets for the children to colour – elves, trees, presents, Father Christmas, holly and candy canes!

Children will love writing their lists on these beautiful Christmas stockings. There are four to choose from – coloured or plain, lined or unlined.

Alternatively, the children can learn about numbered lists while writing down the presents that they would like. They may want to send a picture of a present or a card to a friend using the sheets below.

Add a post office to your role play area, ready to send parcels, cards and presents. Include the stamps below for the children to design and decorate.

Cut out and make an elf or a Father Christmas, make a finger puppet or decorate some elf tights and shoes.

Children will develop important cutting skills, cutting out the shapes to make a picture of Father Christmas, an elf or a finger puppet. The tights can be decorated in a variety of ways – children can choose their favourite shapes, make repeating patterns or draw a variety of pictures. For more pattern activities visit my pattern blog.

There are two pairs of elf legs with missing numbers for the children to complete. Children will enjoy filling in the missing numbers while also practising their number formation skills.

Once they are complete they can be used to play a dice or bingo game – the first one to get to the top of the legs or the first one to cover the numbers is the winner.

The children’s photographs will look very cute in the elf picture frames.

Every elf needs a good place to live. There are two elf houses in the elf printables pack, one in colour and one in black and white. Children can colour the black and white house and decorate with collage and glitter. Why not cut around the door so that it opens to reveal something hidden inside – it could be an elf or Father Christmas himself.

When it is time for your elf to go he can leave the children one of my two certificates.

If you would like a copy of the elf printables then visit my teacherspayteachers store or my tes store.

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