Top 10 Free Online Literacy Games

Online Literacy Games 1 – Teach Your Monster to Read

Online Literacy Games

This game is divided into three stages. The first stage is for children just starting to learn letters and sounds, the second for those children confident with their letters and sounds and the third stage is for children who are confidently reading short sentences.

Game 1 – reinforces children’s knowledge of letter sounds, allows children to practise their blending and segmenting skills and introduces the first six ‘tricky’ words that can’t be sounded out.

Game 2 – introduces diagraphs and moves onto the children blending slightly longer words. It introduces even more ‘tricky’ words and the sentences that the children are expected to read get slightly longer and more complex. There is also a comprehension element included.

Game 3 – introduces alternative spellings, ‘tricky’ words and lots of reading for meaning and comprehension.

The computer version of this game is free.

Online Literacy Games 2 – Phonics Bloom – Match Cards

There are a number of different levels to choose from depending on the children’s reading ability. Once you have selected the level children read the word and match the correct picture by dragging it over the word.

Online Literacy Games 3 – Sky Writer

In this game, there are two choices of sky and a choice of cursive and printed. Select a letter and the jet follows the letter formation leaving a trail of smoke to display the letter. It can be used to model handwriting and letter formation prior to the children doing it for themselves.

Online Literacy Games 4 – Partner in Rhyme

In this game, children need to match rhyming pairs. This can be done in one of two ways, children can either match word endings or there is a button which allows the children to hear what the word sounds like and they can listen for the two that sound the same.

Online Literacy Games 5 – Nursery Rhymes

As we all know, nursery rhymes are an excellent way to support language development. These beautifully animated nursery rhymes are an excellent resource for teaching children how to sing a rhyme. There are 60 minute, 30 minute and 20 minute medleys to choose from.

Online Literacy Games 6 – Poop Deck Pirates

In this game, you need to make a choice of two sounds to practise e.g. cvc words and ‘sh’, or ‘ch’ and ‘th’, etc. Words are then generated according to the sounds selected. Children need to read the words and decide whether they are real words or not. If the words are real the children choose the tick, if they are not then they choose the X.

Online Literacy Games 7 – Viking Full Circle

This game teaches children how to blend and segment. You begin by selecting sets of letters to make the words from. Children are then asked to make a word e.g. sat, by placing individual letters on the side of the boat. Once they have done this, they press the wave to have their answer checked. If they get the answer wrong, the viking shakes his head and the word is repeated. If they answer correctly the children are asked to make another word by replacing one letter in the original word e.g. sit. The game continues in this fashion until they get back to the original word.

Online Literacy Games 8 – Writing Repeater

This is a handwriting demonstration tool. There are several different types of paper to choose from. You then either write a letter, word or sentence you want to model to the children. Press the play button and the pencil will write your letter for you at a speed selected by you. This can be repeated as much as you like in order to support children in the writing process.

Online Literacy Games 9 – Little Bird Spelling

This game teaches children to write tricky words. It is designed for Year 1 to Year 6 but if you choose Year 1 and one of the first bird boxes on the left the game offers tricky words that are suitable for Reception children. The game shows the children the word and then it disappears. The children then have to choose the correct letters to make the word. If they get the word wrong, they are given the option to see it again. If they get it correct then a tick appears, the birds fly down and take the letters away and a new word appears.

Literacy Online Games 10 – Phonics Pop

This games supports with the recognition of letter sounds and diagraphs. Letter sounds and diagraphs appear on the screen and the children are asked to spot a specific one and pop as many of them as they can before they are asked to spot a different letter sound.

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