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Early Years Books – Give Up Your Dummy Matilda – A book to support children in giving up their dummy

Giving Up The Dummy
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‘Give Up Your Dummy Matilda’ is about a monkey called Matilda who loves her dummy more than bananas. Will she ever be convinced that it is a good idea to give it up?

Discover how she encourages others to give up their dummy in this motivational rhyming story.

Early Years Books

We all know those children in our nursery and reception classes who still have a dummy. I wrote this story to encourage those children to give up their dummy with great success. See my blog on ‘Give Up Your Dummy Matilda’ for more information and find out how you can support the children in your class who need to give up their dummies too.

Early Years Books – Guess How Many

Guess How Many

Support your little learners in learning how to estimate with this delightful book.

“Guess How Many” introduces children to the idea of estimation and what it means to estimate accurately. This captivating story introduces us to Daisy Duncan who dreams of being a teacher. She attempts to teach her brother Derek how to estimate and in the process teaches the reader too, without them even realising it.

It is an excellent way to introduce a topic on estimation and gives children a good understanding of what it entails before they begin to explore it practically for themselves. It can be revisited on a number of occasions as the children begin to understand the concepts and consolidate their learning. See my blog 13 Fantastic Pages of Early Years Maths Activities – Estimating EYFS for more information about estimating and how the book can be used.

Early Years Books – The Little Dots -Friends You Can Count On

The Little Dots

Meet ‘The Little Dots’ – friends you can count on , literally! ‘The Little Dots’, is a counting book designed for children aged 3-4 years in mind. This first book in the series introduces the first six characters 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Each of the little dots are distinguishable by their dots and one other feature personal to them. 0 has dancing shoes, 1, a gold medal for his excellent counting skills, 2 has long eyelashes, 3 wears circle glasses, 4 likes to party and 5 has five long fingers on each hand.

In this counting book, the little dots live in number town and each have a pet. Their pets have a corresponding number of spots but not necessarily in the same arrangement as the little dot, in order to encourage children to see that totals remain the same regardless of the pattern that they make.

The Little Dots like to do magic with numbers. They put some numbers into their magic hat, chant a spell, and wave their magic wand to make a surprise rainbow. The book ends with a challenge for the children to do their own magic with numbers as they are asked to draw the missing dots on the Little Dots.

For more information on how the book can be used visit my blog. For a copy of the book visit amazon.