15 Pages of Early Years Christmas Activities for Free

Early Years Christmas Printables

Early Years Christmas Activities to Develop Fine Motor Control

In order to develop strength in the hands of our little learners it is important to provide them with activities that will encourage them to use their fingers. All of the Early Years Christmas activities in this pack require that children either make marks using writing implements, scrunch paper, manipulate glue or use scissors in order to achieve the desired effect. All important exercise for small hands while also having fun and being creative. Some children may need support with the cutting but the more that they practise, the easier it will get.

Christmas Wreath

To make the Christmas wreath children need to cut out the circle and bow shapes. They may need a bit of help with the inside of the wreath in order to remove the inner circle. Once cut out, children can use a range of techniques to decorate them. Any of the following would look great:

  • Scrunched up paper
  • Autumn leaves
  • Finger print spots
  • Cotton bud spots
  • Pom poms
  • Collage materials
  • Christmas paper
  • Wool or fabric wrapped around
  • Sponge print
  • Buttons

The list is endless! Finish off with some glitter and sequins to add some Christmas sparkle. Finally, add the bow and a piece of ribbon to hang the finished wreath. To add that extra bit of detail add a Christmas picture to hang down in the middle of the wreath.

Christmas Decorations

There are seven different decorations to choose from – star, bell, Christmas tree, snowflake, snowman and 2 different types of bauble. Cut out the shape, decorate and add collage materials. Hole punch the top of the decoration, add a ribbon and hang from the tree!

Snow Globe

The snow globe is a perfect place for a snowy scene. Add a snowman, penguin, polar bear, Christmas tree, Father Christmas or a snowy picture of the children. Create the picture using mark making materials or collage materials cut out and add to the globe. To make it 3d make a circle from a strip of card and cut two slits for the snow globe to slot into.

Christmas Tree

This cute Christmas tree is made from a series of different sized rectangles stacked in order of size, starting with the largest at the bottom and moving to the smallest at the top. Once finished, the tree can be decorated with sequins, and glitter. Don’t forget to add a star on the top of the tree!

Winter Hat

The boy in the picture is busy catching snowflakes on his tongue. To finish it off perfectly the children need to decorate his hat. Depending on ability, this can be done in a number of ways. Younger children can use a number of different pictures and colours while more able children might be able to make repeating patterns.

Father Christmas

Father Christmas provides the all important practise with scissor skills. Children carefully follow the lines to cut Santa’s beard into strips. Once done, using a pencil, roll each strip to make Santa’s beard curl.

One Page Christmas Craft

There are three designs of one page craft, each in colour or black and white to be decorated. On the page there is a completed picture of the finished design which the children need to re-create. The children need to cut out each of the pieces and then assemble them to make the pictures.

Gingerbread Man

Cut out the gingerbread man and add eyes, nose, mouth and buttons. Perhaps, even add some fancy icing and a bow tie or scarf to finish him off.

Your can get all of these Early Years Christmas activities for free here but if you would like more gingerbread man activities, visit my gingerbread man blog.

If you would like more Early Years Christmas activities then visit my Elf Printables blog For other activities visit my teacherspayteachers store or my tes store.

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