57 Fantastic Pages of Gingerbread Man Activities for Early Years

Gingerbread Man Activities for Early Years

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Gingerbread Man Activities for Early Years

The Gingerbread Man story is a firm favourite of many children and a really fun way to develop children’s skills in literacy and maths as well as many other areas of the Early Years curriculum. The following pack consists of 57 pages of Gingerbread Man Activities for Early Years – resources for display, worksheets, and ideas.

Gingerbread Man Activities for Early Years – Number Display

Use the cute numbered gingerbread men and ladies to display around the classroom or to accompany activities. There are 2 different sizes so that you can adapt them to what you need.

Gingerbread Man Activities for Early Years – Number Worksheets

There is a whole range of worksheets linking to a variety of number concepts. Children can count the gingerbread man’s buttons and match them to the correct digit supporting them with one to one correspondence and number recognition. Alternatively, children can draw the correct number of buttons according to the number specified.

The gingerbread man cards can be ordered according to the number of spots they have. Children can do this with a small amount of cards initially and build up to doing it with all of the cards when they become more confident.

Add buttons, counters or beads to depict the number in the right hand corner.

These cute five and ten frames can be used to improve children’s number sense. Children choose a picture card and match the counters to the amount shown. However there are a whole range of five and ten frame games that can be played to improve children’s sense of number.

The pattern worksheets ask the children to continue an ‘a, b, a, b’ pattern as well as an ‘a, a, b’, ‘a, b, b’, and ‘a, b, c’, pattern. Always provide children with lots of practical pattern activities before asking them to record more formally.

Gingerbread Man Activities for Early Years – Pencil Control Activities

Children can develop their pencil control by joining the dots and colouring the pictures. There are also sheets which allow the children to copy the features of a smaller gingerbread man/lady. Alternatively, these gingerbread man mats can be used on the playdough or loose parts table. Children can use the playdough to make the features of the gingerbread man or lady, either independently or copying the smaller image in the corner. There is also a plain gingerbread man which can be used in a similar way. Visit my playdough blog for perfect playdough. Replace 4 tablespoons of flour with 1 tablespoon of cinnamon, 2 tablespoons of ginger and 1 tablespoon of mixed spice.

If children are not ready to hold a pencil, they can practise letter and number formation on a gingerbread sensory tray using the letter and number cards in the pack. Sprinkle a layer of salt or flour, mixed with cinnamon, ginger and mixed spice. Not only will it smell wonderful but it will be perfect for little fingers to make marks.

Gingerbread Man Activities for Early Years – Literacy Activities

Using the worksheet above, children can write a sentence about the story, using the vocabulary cards for the trickier words. The wanted poster can be used as a stimulus for more creative writing or to encourage communication skills. There is also a worksheet which allows the children to sequence the story.

It’s important to give children lots of mark making opportunities, particularly ones that replicate real life experiences. Why not add this free recipe card to your role play area and add free recipe sheets for children to write their own recipes.

Gingerbread Man Activities for Early Years – Understanding the World Activities

Add this poster to your construction area or block play to invite the children to build a bridge for the gingerbread man as an alternative way across the river.

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More Gingerbread Man Activities for Early Years

There are lots more activities that you can introduce children to through the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. There is a lovely interactive game which allows children to develop a number of mathematical concepts which include:

  • Counting buttons on a gingerbread man.
  • Putting a specified number of buttons on a gingerbread man.
  • Matching gingerbread men with varying numbers of buttons to corresponding numbers.
  • Ordering gingerbread men from either smallest to largest or largest to smallest depending on their number of buttons.

On the same site, there is also a story which can be used to read to the children if you don’t have a copy available.

Maybe you are doing a whole term or half term on traditional tales and would like the same quality resources for each one. Not to worry visit my blogs on ‘Jack and the Beanstalk‘, ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears‘ and ‘The Three Little Pigs‘ to get more resources. You may want to save yourself some money and buy my bundle pack.

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