37 Pages of Fantastic Little Red Riding Hood EYFS Activities

Little Red Riding Hood EYFS Activities

Little Red Riding Hood is a great story to use with young children and gives the opportunity to visit a whole range of concepts in a variety of curriculum areas. Link every area in your continuous provision Little Red Riding Hood using my Little Red Riding Hood EYFS Activities to completely immerse children in the story and develop their curiosity and imagination.

Little Red Riding Hood EYFS Activities

The pack includes 37 pages of activities which includes:

  • Healthy and unhealthy food sorting into baskets
  • Ten Frame
  • Five Frame
  • Number cards
  • Vocabulary cards
  • Ordering by Size activities
  • Counting Worksheets
  • Colouring Pictures
  • Join the dots pictures
  • Display pictures
  • Pattern Worksheets
  • Goldilocks and the three bears game
  • Tasting porridge activity
  • Count and clip cards
  • Directed drawing – bears
  • Writing Sheets
  • Fine motor skills activity
  • Cutting skills activity
  • Character Clipart

Little Red Riding Hood EYFS Activities – Maths

There are lots of cute counting activities which will make sure that your little learners have lots of opportunity to practise their counting skills. Children can match the fruit baskets to their numerals, count the characters and write the correct numeral, use the count and clip cards and attach a peg to the correct numeral or put the correct number of counters on the themed five and ten frames.

Children will also have lots of fun playing the Little Red Riding Hood games. One of the games goes up to 10 and one up to 15. Children roll a die and help to get Red Riding Hood to Granma’s cottage. Not only will children improve their counting, they will also improve their subitising skills with the use of a die and their number recognition while counting along the game board.

Little Red Riding Hood EYFS Activities – Literacy

Children can use the vocabulary mat to write some of the key words from the story when attempting to write sentences about the story. They can use the cute writing sheets, also in the pack, to write on. The writing sheets have various illustrations from the story and some of them are A5 and some A3.

Free Story Sequencing Sheet

Get my free story sequencing sheet and children can cut out the pictures and put the story in the correct order on the numbered path.

Little Red Riding Hood EYFS Activities – Pencil Control

little red riding hood early years activities

Children will get lots of opportunity to develop their fine motor skills by carefully joining the dots and colouring the pictures. There are 9 colouring sheets depicting the various characters from the story and 3 sheets where children can join the dots before colouring.

Little Red Riding Hood EYFS Activities – Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Children need to make up a healthy basket of food and an unhealthy basket. This will provoke lots of discussion about food that is good for us and food that isn’t. It also links nicely to toothbrushing. I wonder if the wolf brushes his teeth!

Little Red Riding Hood EYFS Activities – Creative Activities

There are lots of little red riding hood early years activities online. BBC School Radio also do a Little Red Riding Hood music programme. It is aimed at Key Stage 1 but some of the activities are simple enough for your Early Years children and you could certainly teach the children some of the songs. They also do an animated story in 7 short video clips which can be played over a series of time.

Another of my favourites is ‘Little Red Riding Hood‘ by Debbie and Friends.

More Traditional Tales

Maybe you are doing a whole term or half term on traditional tales and would like the same quality resources as my little red riding hood early years activities for each one. Not to worry visit my blogs on ‘The Gingerbread Man‘, ‘Goldilocks and The Three Bears‘, Jack and the Beanstalk and ‘The Three Little Pigs‘ to get more resources. You may want to save yourself some money and buy my bundle pack.

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