22 Pages of activities to make Part-part whole Relationships make sense

Part-part whole

Part-part whole activities

Part-part whole relationships allow children to understand that numbers are made up of two or more parts. It is one of the most important relationships for children to understand. It is best for young children to start with the numbers 4 or 5. If you have done lots of work with the dot card patterns mentioned in one of my previous blogs children will already be familiar with what 4 and 5 look like and so this will be a good place to start. The following activities use the dot cards as a basis so that the children are starting from a safe place.

EYFS Maths

As always, it is best for the children to complete the part-part whole activities practically first. The mat below allows the children to do this using the little dot characters from ‘The Little Dots’. Place one of the little dots e.g. 4 on the square at the top. Depending on children’s ability, they can either match counters to the dots and then physically move the counters into their component parts or find two little dots that would make a total of 4.

Draw children’s attention to the numbers that they have made and ask them to repeat the process this time making different numbers. Accept the children putting the same numbers in different boxes e.g. 3 and 1, 1 and 3.

Once the children are ready they can use the mat which allows them to add numerals or even a number sentence.

When the children have had the opportunity to do this practically a number of times and are confident they can have a go at the worksheets in the pack. There are three different levels. Children can either draw the spots and maybe even some features of the little dots e.g. dancing shoes, eyelashes, glasses etc., or draw the dots and write the numbers or draw the dots and write a number sentence.

Once children are confident with the lower numbers they can progress on to higher numbers.

Part-part whole – Missing Part Activities

Missing part activities make part-part whole activities more challenging as it involves looking for a specific number. Children’s knowledge of numbers that make up a whole needs to be particularly strong to work out the missing part. It is in many ways an introduction to subtraction which I will write about in future blogs.

Included in the pack are a number of worksheets which allow children to find the missing parts for the numbers 4 and 5. Children can attempt these once children are confident with the activities described earlier.

If you would like a copy of the pack please visit my teacherspayteachers site.

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