31 Pages of Fantastic 3 Little Pigs Activities

3 Little Pigs Activities

3 Little Pigs Activities

The 3 Little Pigs is a great story to use with young children and gives the opportunity to visit a whole range of concepts in a variety of curriculum areas. Link every area in your continuous provision to The 3 Little Pigs using my three little pigs activities, activity pack to completely immerse children in the story and develop their curiosity and imagination. The activities for three little pigs are described in greater detail below.

3 Little Pigs Activities – Communication and Language

Development Matters 2021 says that children need to listen to and talk about stories to develop familiarity and understanding. They also need the opportunity to retell stories, either through repetition or in their own words. Talk for writing is an excellent way to develop that familiarity and to encourage story telling. This will introduce children to a range of new vocabulary that they can revisit and apply in a number of situations.

3 Little Pigs Activities – Personal, Social and Emotional Development

There is a strong emphasis on feelings in Development Matters 2021 and the 3 little pigs story is a great way to explore the feelings of the different characters. Perhaps the children can relate the feelings of the characters to their own feelings in different situations.

3 Little Pigs Activities – Physical Development

Use the individual pictures of the characters to play a game, either outside or during a P.E. lesson. To develop fine motor skills, there are lots of craft activities that involve pigs and wolves along with my colouring pictures.

The 3 little pigs story is a great story for a music and movement session. Any P.E. lesson should start with a warm up activity.

Warm Up

Choose 4 of the children to be wolves while the rest of the children are pigs. The wolves need to tag the pigs who then get stuck in the mud and can only be released when another child goes underneath their arms which should be outstretched or they could go through their legs to vary things a bit. You can then use my scripted story to read to the children, following the links to the music.

Main Activity

Three Little Pigs Story – We are going to be telling the story of The Three Little Pigs through music and movement. At the beginning of the story The Three Little Pigs left their mummy to go and find their own houses. At first they were feeling a little bit sad at leaving their mummy. How do you think they travelled?

Drag your feet Music

However, they soon started to feel a bit happier as they looked forward to finding their new homes?

Skipping Music


First the pigs met a man with a horse and cart carrying some straw. How was the horse moving?

Trotting Music


The pig bought some straw and started to build his house?

Building Music

The other two pigs carried on their way.

Skipping Music


Main Activity

They met a man carrying some sticks who was trying to run away from a dog who wanted a stick to play with.

 Running music

The pig bought some sticks and started to build his house?

Building Music

See link above for building music.

The third pig met a man carrying a heavy load of bricks.

Slow Walking Music

The pig bought some bricks and started to build his house

Building Music

See link above for building music.

The wolf creeps along looking for something tasty to eat.

Creeping Music (Tiptoe in different directions – forwards, backwards, sideways)

The wolf blows the straw and stick houses down. The pigs decide to take revenge on the wolf. As he comes down the chimney they have a boiling pot of water waiting for him.

Cymbals Crash – Star jumps

The wolf leaped and jumped, turned and twirled as he ran away from the pigs never to be seen again.

Twirling and Whirling Music

The three little pigs were very happy, threw a big party and lived happily ever after.

Party Music

You can either use the music linked here or you can find music of your own that you know the children will enjoy.

3 Little Pigs Activities – Literacy

Use the vocabulary chart to support children with their reading and writing and don’t forget to encourage their use of repeated refrains when reading the story and while playing in the provision.

3 Little Pigs Maths Activities EYFS

There are a number of mathematical 3 little pigs activities in the pack including:

  • Five frame mat
  • Ten Frame mat
  • Number cards to accompany the mats
  • Muddy puddle
  • Numbered pigs
  • Pigs in puddles
  • Number Mats

The children select a number to place on their five or ten frame mat and add the corresponding number of counters, pigs, sticks or bricks. The muddy puddle works in a similar way. Children can either add the cut out card pigs or toy pigs to the puddle. There are also five number mats which can either be used to make play dough numbers or children can place buttons or counters on them to decorate the numbers.

There are also little pigs in different sizes which can be ordered from big to small.

3 Little Pigs Activities – Understanding the World

Children can explore the materials from the story to discover their different properties. Through their investigations they can use the sheet above to order the 3 little pigs houses.

Use the photo in the pack to compare real pigs with fictional pigs.

3 Little Pigs Activities – Expressive Arts and Design

Set up a small world activity to encourage children to re-enact the story and use those repeated refrains. Provide pigs, straw, sticks, bricks, and a story book. Don’t forget the big bad wolf!

Include the following items in your outdoor area to encourage imaginative play.

  • hard hats
  • guttering
  • trowels
  • sand ( for mixing ‘concrete’)
  • brushes – builders like to be tidy!
  • real bricks
  • wood blocks
  • wheelbarrows
  • straw
  • sticks
  • clipboards for planning, pencils and my design your house sheets
  • spades
  • buckets and water for mixing concrete
  • Hi-Viz vests

Junk model houses and draw a pig using the directed drawing sheet.

Have lots of fun with your 3 little pigs activities and if you would like a copy of the 3 little pigs activity pack with 31 pages of worksheets, some of which are illustrated above, visit my teachers pay teachers store or my tes store.

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