15 Free Pages of Not to be Missed Christmas Maths Activities

Christmas Maths

These Christmas maths activities give children practise with a number of maths related skills – counting, addition, number sequencing, number formation, matching, repeating patterns and number recognition.

Christmas Maths – Counting

There are 5 pages of counting activities all within 10. Children count the Christmas objects and write the number in the box. Some of the objects are arranged linearly while others are in a more random arrangement to allow children to build the skill of counting objects arranged irregularly. For more information and activities on counting visit my blog – 4 Important Number Relationships.

Christmas Maths – Number ordering

The elf tights are partly decorated with numbers but some of them are missing. Children need to add the missing numbers between 1 and 20. The way in which the numbers are arranged will allow children to see the relationship and pattern between the single numbers and the tens numbers.

Christmas Maths – Addition

There is a single page of simple addition with dotted numbers at the bottom of the page for children to practise their number formation. For more information and activities on simple addition visit my blog.

Matching and Number Formation

These cute owls each have a patterned hat and stocking but they have been mixed up on the branch above. Children need to match the correct stocking with the correct hat. Once they have done this they can practise their number formation on the brick wall below. There is a coloured sheet and a black and white sheet for the children to colour. Children can be encouraged to create repeating patterns when colouring in the hats and stockings.

Christmas Maths – Dot to Dot

Children can develop their number ordering skills with these cute dot to dot activities. They need to follow the numbers, joining each dot as they do so. There are two to choose from – a robin or a Christmas present.

Christmas Maths – Patterns

These cute Christmas dachshunds are wearing their winter coats but some of the pattern is missing. Children need to continue the pattern and add the right colours.

Christmas Maths – Colour by Numbers

The final activity is a colour by numbers. There is an elf, Father Christmas and Rudolph. Children colour the parts according to the coloured numbers, supporting with their number recognition and hand-eye co-ordination.

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