20 Free Pages of Number Activities EYFS

Number Activities EYFS
Number Activities EYFS

Children need to explore number in a variety of ways to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of it. Some children need to revisit old activities in new ways in order to reinforce concepts and build on previous learning. This way you will be able to see what the children have understood and where they can be challenged further. It can be tricky thinking of new ideas to teach old concepts but ‘The Little Dots‘ are here to lend a hand.

Matching and Sorting Number Activities EYFS

Children will have had previous opportunities to sort objects using their own criteria, one popular way is by colour but may also choose to do so by size and shape. Hopefully, using my pack of sorting activities they will have also looked at sorting objects by more than one criteria and been challenged by some high level questioning.

This pack of activities will allow the children to sort objects by their quantity.

Cut out the Little Dots. You can either cut around the individual shapes or the dotted lines to make cutting easier. Cut out the pets, picture cards and number cards and laminate them.

Ask the children to match the correct pictures to The Little Dots and don’t forget to label them with a number. This activity will also support children in subitising, recognising quantities and numbers.

Once the children are getting more confident in recognising the numbers, see if they can place the cards in order from 1 to 5. They will need to be confident with their number recognition and developed a strong sense of number in order to do this.

An alternative use of the cards is to play a matching pairs game. Turn the cards over, two at a time, saying the quantity until you spot a matching pair.

Another game would be to build towers of 1 picture, 2 pictures and so on. Place the Little Dot on top of the tower.

Some of The Little Dots have been left blank. Cut them out and label with a number. Add counters to represent the number.

Use The Little Dot cards which already have their spots and match them to their numbers. Check to see if the children can do this without counting. Subitising is a skill that the children will develop the more that they explore numbers and number patterns.

Comparing Number Activities EYFS

  • Children turn over a card each. Whose card has more? The child keeps the card if they have more.
  • Use picture cards with 1 to 3 objects on them. Pick a card and put the same number of counters on their five frame. You could make this more challenging by rolling a 1 more/1 less die and children put that number on their five frame.
  • Roll a 1 to 3 die and collect counters to add to their track.

Building Number Activities EYFS

Once children are confident with subitising they will begin to recognise the composition of smaller numbers i.e. 3 is made up of 2 and 1. Building quantities in different colours will allow children to see this more clearly. They can add two different coloured counters to The Little Dots so that they can see how the number is made up. They will also need to learn that numbers can be made in different ways e.g. 4 can be made up of 2 and 2, or 3 and 1.

Hidden numbers are a good way to explore this concept further. Cover up some of the spots on one of the Little Dots and see if the children can tell you how many are missing. If they can, then they have a good understanding of number.

Finally, after the children have had lots of practical opportunities to explore number there is a worksheet which will allow the children to apply and record their skills. Children will need to draw the spots on The Little Dots to represent the number. Some children may need to make the practical representation first before being able to record it on a worksheet.

These activities will lead on nicely to my part part whole activities.

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