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Autumn Activities for Early Years
Autumn Activities for Early Years – Hibernating Animals Display

There are a wide range of Autumn activities for Early Years and it offers a great opportunity to explore the ‘Understanding the World’ and ‘Creative’ elements of the early years curriculum

Autumn Activities for Early Years – Hibernating Animals Display

A number of animals hibernate throughout the winter and my pack includes templates for ladybirds, mice, frogs, tortoises, hedgehogs and snakes. Most of them come in two sizes so you can choose how big you want them to be. Children will develop their fine motor and scissor skills as they cut out the templates. Obviously the smaller templates will be trickier to cut out. The next job is to decorate them in order to make them look like the creatures adding as much detail as possible. I have used pen to decorate my creatures but you could use a whole range of materials while exploring a variety of different techniques.


These cute little ladybirds are made by cutting around the circle and along the lines towards the middle. I coloured mine in using felt tip pen but you could print or draw them onto red card, collage them, or paint them. I added some spots and eyes but googly eyes would look just as good. Depending on the age and ability of the children they may need a bit of help overlapping the paper and fixing it into place. You could use glue like me, staples or tape.


These frogs have a simple shape to cut around. Again, I coloured mine using pen but you could print them onto green card and ask the children to add speckles. All you need to do is add eyes, a cute smile and fold the sides in so that they can stand up.


These are made in a similar way to the ladybirds but on a bigger scale. Children can look at the photograph of the tortoise included in the pack to examine the shape and pattern on the shell in order that they can then replicate it on their own tortoise. Observing patterns in the environment is an important skill to develop and copying them can heighten children’s awareness of them. If you would like more information on teaching children about pattern then visit my pattern blog.

Spiral Snakes

These snakes are made by cutting out a spiral shape. I cut mine out of coloured paper but they also look nice sponge printed in autumn colours. If you do it this way, sponge print the circle and then cut out the spiral after the paint has dried.


The mice are made by making a cone shape. Overlap the paper until it forms a cone shape and secure with a staple. You may need to cut off some excess paper in order to neaten up the cone. Add the features, ears and tail to complete.


Autumn Activities EYFS

These are made in exactly the same way as the mice. Spikes can either be drawn on or collaged.

Once you have all of your creatures made you need to display them somewhere. The display in the main picture at the top is a very cute way to do this. All you need is a variety of boxes. Shoe shops will often give you their spare boxes or you could ask your parents to donate unwanted boxes. Get the children to paint them. I’ve used brown but you could use any autumn colours. Attach them to the wall, perhaps adding the odd plant pot here and there.

Fill them with leaves and you have the perfect hibernating place for your creatures. Add the signs (all of which are in the pack) around the outside and you have a display that will last until the Spring!

Autumn Activities for Early Years – Autumn Walk

Encouraging children to look closely at their environment is an important part of the ‘Understanding the World’ element of the Early Year’s curriculum. Looking at autumn leaves gives children the opportunity to do this. The chart below can be used to collect leaves and match colours. Attach double sided sticky tape to the right hand column of the chart and use this to stick the leaves on with once the matching colour has been found.

Autumn Activities for Early Years – Apple Harvest

Autumn is the time for harvesting a number of fruit and vegetables. I have included some cute apples which are numbered to 10, apples without numbers and black and white apple colouring pictures.

The numbered apples can be used for:

  • Ordering
  • An indoor/outdoor number hunt
  • Labelling numbers of objects
  • Selecting quantities of objects

Autumn Activities for Early Years – Autumn Tree

Finally, there is an autumn tree template for the children to decorate in autumn colours. This can be done in any number of ways with any number of materials. Children can use their creative skills and imagination to create beautiful autumn trees.

If you would like a copy of the templates to make the hibernating animals along with all of the other activities listed above then get my Autumn Activities for Early Years pack which consists of 21 pages.

For more autumn activities for early years click here. If you would like to see more of my resources you can visit my tes resources shop or my teacherspayteachers shop.