Fantastic New Subitising Book – The Little Dots


Meet ‘The Little Dots’ – friends you can count on , literally! ‘

Each of the little dots are distinguishable by their dots and one other feature personal to them. 0 has dancing shoes, 1, a gold medal for his excellent counting skills, 2 has long eyelashes, 3 wears circle glasses, 4 likes to party and 5 has five long fingers on each hand.

What is Subitising?

The aim of the book is to support young children in their recognition of number patterns and numerals to start them on their subitising journey. Subitising is the ability to instantly recognise the number of objects in a group by their pattern e.g. the number of spots on a die. This understanding broadens a child’s knowledge about a particular number. For example, they understand the fiveness of five, it is not just a number name. They will start to see it as four but with one more in the middle and so on.

Subitising underpins children’s development of number sense and many other number skills. Recognising these number patterns will also help with more complex counting skills such as counting on. Children may notice that there are 4 and start counting a group from that number rather than one.

Dot card activities are extremely important for young children when subitising and this book will be the perfect supplement to them in order to support and reinforce instant recognition.

In this subitising book, the little dots live in number town and each have a pet. Their pets have a corresponding number of spots but not necessarily in the same arrangement as the little dot, in order to encourage children to see that totals remain the same regardless of the pattern that they make.

Counting Book

The Little Dots like to do magic with numbers. They put some numbers into their magic hat, chant a spell, and wave their magic wand to make a surprise rainbow. The book ends with a challenge for the children to do their own magic with numbers as they are asked to draw the missing dots on the Little Dots.

Read regularly, the children will soon become familiar with a number of mathematical concepts permeating throughout the book. Leave the book in your book corner or continuous provision in order for the children to explore the concepts independently.

There are two Little Dots activity packs which can be used to supplement the subitising book and the good news is that you can get 1 of them for free, just by signing up to Little Learners Online. If you would like to find out a little bit more about subitising and some of the activities that are available visit my blog on Delightful Counting Activities – Learn to subitise with the Little Dots. You can even do part-part whole activities with ‘The Little Dots’ too. For a copy of the book visit amazon.

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