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Doubling Activities Pack

The Statutory Framework

Doubling can be found in the Numerical Patterns Early Learning Goal:
Children at the expected level of development will:

Explore and represent patterns within numbers up to 10, including evens and
odds, double facts and how quantities can be distributed equally.

In order for children to remember these facts they will need to have a good sense of number and will have had lots of opportunity to subitise previously. Having this knowledge will make it easier to visualise double patterns and add logic to the facts.

Introducing Children to Doubling

As I love to introduce maths through stories (and I haven’t had time to write a doubling one yet) I have made a PowerPoint video instead. My ‘Ladybird Doubling‘ video introduces you to Lilly the ladybird who is sad because she only has one spot and all of the other ladybirds have more.

No need to worry, as her friend, the butterfly knows a way that she can double her spots. The video visually shows children how to double and is also very interactive, asking for responses from the children. Pause the video at the appropriate places to generate discussion and reinforce specific points.

Practical Doubling Activities EYFS

Once the children have been introduced to the concept of doubling they can then explore it more practically. There are a wide range of practical activities that children can do to support them with the skill of doubling and any maths done with young children should always be carried out practically first. The doubling activities in my free pack include both practical activities as well as ways to record doubling facts.

Wishing Well

In the story video Lilly the ladybird goes into a wishing well to double her spots, so in the pack there is also a wishing well.

It can be used to make a game that can be played by the children. Cut out (enlarge it if you wish) and stick onto a box or container. Explain that whatever goes into the wishing well doubles. You can use counters, cubes, numbers etc, anything small enough to fit into the box. Explain that you are going to put 2 items into the wishing well and ask how many are going to come out. Demonstrate with the counters. This can be added to the continuous provision for the children to use independently.

Doubling Mats

Add the doubling mats below to your continuous provision with counters for spots.

doubling activities

Children choose a number card and place it on the mat. They then select the correct number of counters and place them on the left hand side. Children then double the amount by putting the same quantity on the opposite side and counting how many there are altogether.

Ladybird Craft

Provide the children with their own ladybird templates to make and record their own doubling facts. These can be displayed around the classroom for future reference.


There are 2 different ability levels of of worksheets to reinforce the practical doubling activities. Children are asked to double numbers by drawing spots on a ladybird and children who need more support are given the spots that need to be doubled on the ladybird’s wing.

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