Early Years Maths – Free Sharing Activities EYFS

Sharing Activities EYFS
Sharing activities EYFS

Sharing is a young child’s introduction to division and multiplication in a very simple way. There are lots of opportunities for sharing in the Early Years classroom and the more the children practise this skill practically the more they will be ready for more formal teaching. Children can share out snack, resources, cups, plates, chairs etc.

Sharing Activities EYFS – Share apples at snack time

Children may not notice what they are doing unless you draw attention to it by asking questions e.g. How many apples are there?, How many children are there? Are there enough apples for everyone? How many apples will be left?

Sharing Activities EYFS 1 -Sharing PowerPoint

Once the children are confident with the concept they can move on to more formal sharing. The powerpoint below tells the story of two pirates, Pete and Pat who hunt for treasure and find gold coins. They have a problem though, they need to share them out which I am sure the children will be only too willing to help with.

Early Years Resources EYFS
Sharing PowerPoint
Watch the coins be shared between the two pirates
Can the coins be shared between three?

You can get a free copy of the PowerPoint here.


Things don’t always share equally. Chocolate coins or other tasty treats would be the perfect way to demonstrate what can be done with remainders. How can I share out 3 coins between 2 people? This way you can also introduce the language and concept of a half.

What better way to introduce a half

There is obviously a close link between halving and sharing items between 2 people. With support the children will begin to see that when sharing equally between two people the number of objects shared are split in half. This will be easier to see with smaller quantities initially.

Sharing Activities EYFS 2 – Free Activity Pack

The free sharing mats below can be used to reinforce the concept even further.

Sharing pack with sharing mats. Share the treasure between Pirate Pat and Pirate Pete
Sharing Activities EYFS

The pack consists of two sharing mats and gold coins to cut out and laminate. One of the mats allows children to share the coins between Pat and Pete and the other between Pat, Pete and their parrot. If you would like a free copy of the mats and coins then click here.

Eventually, the children need to understand the concept from two different aspects. So, for example, if the children have 6 coins you might say ‘ Share the coins between 3 people’ (size of sets) or you might say ‘Make as many sets of 2 as you can’ (number of equal sets).

Sharing Games EYFS

Turn the boards above into a game by giving each child a mat. Place gold coins in the middle. Each child rolls a die and collects that number of coins sharing them out on their mat. Any remainders need to be returned to the middle. Continue collecting coins in this way until they have all gone. The winner is the child with the most coins.

Sharing Activities EYFS 3 – Problem Solving

Young children should be provided with lots of opportunities to solve problems in order to challenge and stretch their understanding.

An example using the pirate theme above might be: ‘Pirate Pete decided to share 8 of his coins with 4 of his other pirate friends. How many did each friend get? Even young children can use pictures to help them work maths problems out. However, it might be worth a discussion about which pictures are useful as some children can get caught up in the drawing and forget about the maths element. Children need to understand that a good drawing in maths has different properties than a drawing used for other purposes. Mathematical drawings need to be simple, without any detail. Choosing objects such as coins, oranges, balls etc. that can be drawn easily will help with this also.

Have fun sharing!

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