Top 10 Free Interactive Math’s Games EYFS

Interactive Math’s Games EYFS

There are a number of early years interactive games that children can use to support and consolidate their learning. It can take hours to trawl the internet to find the best ones or particular ones to support a specific skill so I have put my top 10 games in this blog.

Interactive Maths Games EYFS 1 and 1a

Interactive Math's Games
Flash Interactive – Fuel the Brain

These games support children with the instant recognition of groups of counters on five and ten frames. Five frames or ten frames are flashed onto the screen for a short time. Children need to choose a number from 0 to 10 to identify the correct quantity. In between each series of five and ten frames there are some brain break exercises for the children to do.

Interactive Maths Games EYFS 2

These games reinforce children’s understanding of five frames and ten frames. There are four games within each game and are as follows:

  • How Many – Children are asked how many counters or spaces there are on the five or ten frame. Children choose from numbers 0 to 9 to give the correct answer either from instant recognition or by counting. Each time the child gets an answer right they receive a smiley face.
  • Build – Children are asked to put different numbers of counters on the five or ten frame. Children can do this by putting individual counters on or by moving sets of five counters if the number is greater than 5. This option supports children with counting on and reinforces the concept of the ten frame. Children will eventually move from counting objects one by one to counting on from 5.
  • Fill – In this game, children need to work out how many more counters need to be added to a specific number of counters already on the frame in order to fill it. If they need to do this practically they have the option of moving counters to the frames to work it out, again, either one at a time or in sets of 5. They then choose from numbers 0 to 9 to provide the answer.
  • Add – In the final game children are given a number sentence to work out e.g. 3 + 2. Children are then directed to move 3 counters to the first frame and 2 counters to the second frame. They are then asked to combine them onto one of the frames in order that they can see how many there are when they are placed altogether. Once they have done this they select the correct numeral to identify how many.
  • Play all – The final game randomly plays a mixture of the four games above allowing children to consolidate their learning and understanding.

Interactive Math’s Games EYFS 3

This game has a starter activity, main session and plenary (See below). There is also the option to download the lesson pack.

Starter Activity – Children get to see a variety of patterns – colour, shape and pictures to develop their understanding of what a pattern is.

Main Session – Children carry out activities to complete patterns in each of the categories outlined above.

Plenary – Summarises the learning that has taken place.

Interactive Math’s Games EYFS 4

This offers a choice of three games as outlined below:

Counting – The children can work with numbers 1 to 5 or 1 to 10. The counting game has two options – how many? and Counting out. In how many, the children do as the title suggests – they simply count the spots and select the correct number. In counting out children drag and drop the correct number of spots on the ladybird.

Matching – In this game, there are leaves with numbers on them and ladybirds with spots on them. The ladybirds need to be matched to the correct leaves. Children can work with numbers 1 to 5, 6 to 10 or 1 to 10.

Ordering – Ladybirds have to be ordered according to the number of their spots. This can be from small to large or large to small, again, with numbers 1 to 5, 6 to 10 or 1 to 10.

Interactive Math’s Games EYFS 5

Children can work with numbers up to either 5, 10 or 15. They drag and drop cakes to feed teddy according to the number required. Get it right and teddy will reward the children with a yummy. Get it wrong and he will groan!

Interactive Math’s Game EYFS 6

Children count the underwater creatures up to 5 or 10 and then choose the correct number.

Interactive Math’s Games EYFS 7

This website allows children to practise their number formation. Children can either follow with their finger, follow with a ball or free draw. There is also a choice of speed and size. This site does require Adobe Flash Player in order to work.

Interactive Math’s Games 8

Children match shapes to the correct shape monster. Each time the shapes are repeated to reinforce their name. If the children make a mistake the shape monster groans and they get the chance to try again.

Interactive Math’s Games EYFS 9

A variety of number rhymes for children to sing along to and join in with.

Interactive Math’s Games EYFS 10

Balloons appear on the screen with a number sentence. Children have to pop the correct number of balloons to complete the number sentence.

I hope you enjoy playing the eyfs maths games. For more math’s activities visit some of my previous blogs. There are blogs on:

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