Easter Maths – 17 Pages of Addition Worksheets Perfect for Spring and Easter

Reception Addition Worksheets

Easter Maths – Addition Worksheets for your Reception class

These addition worksheets, perfect for an Easter maths unit have been carefully designed to ensure that your children make progress when learning how to add quantities.

In this Easter maths pack children start off by adding eggs in a nest on a branch. Each branch has a number line on it to support children with their counting and number recognition. The worksheets get progressively harder to challenge the children that little bit more.

Easter Maths

There are more worksheets with the same concept but this time the children need to count chicks.

There is a large branch with nests on, bird house and eggs that you can use for demonstration purposes and teaching points. You could also use them in your continuous provision to encourage the children to add eggs and chicks practically.

Can children order the numbered eggs and leaves?

Finally, there are addition worksheets that will encourage children to count on from a number when adding. There is an owl sat on a branch with a number on each wing. The branch has a number line and the highest number of the two is coloured to indicate where the children need to start counting from.

There is also an opportunity for children to practise writing their numbers at the bottom of the sheet.

On the final sheet, the number on the branch is no longer coloured in. The expectation is that the children will be able to find which number they need to count on from after their previous practice on the other pages.

Should you wish to model any of the above there are again large branches which can be used.

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