Top Ten, Ten Frame Printables For Fantastic Counting

Ten Frame Printables
Ten Frame Printables

Why Use 5 and 10 Frames

5 and 10 frames teach children how to anchor other numbers to 5 and 10. Children will begin to see the relationships by their practical use of 10 frames. For example, they will see that 4 is on fewer than 5 and 6 is one more than 5. Later on, children’s knowledge of these and other relationships will help with their mental maths skills.

How to Use 5 and 10 Frames

Children should be introduced to 5 frames first in a very practical way either using five frames purchased or by making your own using my templates. Once the children are confident with five frames you can then introduce the ten frames. They will demonstrate confidence by putting counters on with no obvious counting, adding or subtracting counters to make new quantities rather than taking all of the counters off and starting again and being able to talk about their five frames. Children will be able to see other numbers in relation to number 5.

Again, ten frames can either be printed and made (there is a blank ten frame in my ten frame pack) or bought like the ones below.

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Ten frames will help children understand the relationship that other numbers have with the number 10. To help this process, always make sure that they fill the ten frame from left to right, starting with the top row first and without leaving any spaces. Once the top row is full, they can move onto the bottom row, left to right again. This will help children to see the relationship the other numbers have with 5. When the top row is full they don’t necessarily need to count them as they should now that there are 5. However, this skill takes time to develop and children will continue to count for a while.

This is also true when representing numbers on the ten frame. Children may choose to take all of the counters off and start again when making a new number rather than adding or subtracting counters. This progression should happen naturally through careful questioning and children making their own links rather than them being told to do it.

There are lots of great activities you can use them for. Visit my blog on ten frames to get lots of ideas. Use them in a practical manner to encourage a number of math’s concepts.

Ten Frame Printables

Once children are confident with their use, these ten frame printables are a great way to reinforce and consolidate the learning that has taken place through the practical activities.

The Ten Frame Printables pack consists of 10 pages of worksheets which support early counting skills in a fun and imaginative way.

There are 2 five frame and ten frame worksheets where children need to identify the number of spots. As very young children might find it difficult to write numbers they are given a choice of three numbers and have to circle the correct one. This way, the children can concentrate on their number recognition and subitising skills without the need to form numbers.

Children’s skills progress as they are then expected to draw their own spots on the five and ten frames according to the amount identified on the star shape.

An alternative sheet to develop the same skill.

10 Frame Printable

Children are encouraged to take their first step towards knowing their number bonds to 5 as they make 5 using two different colours.

Using the cute robot sheets, children need to cut out the dot patterns at the bottom of the page and match them to the correct robot according to the number on the robot’s tummy.

For a copy of the pack visit my teacherspayteachers store or my tes store.