Counting and Number Recognition Pack


Counting and Number Recognition Activities

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This pack consists of a game to support counting and number recognition with the use of a vertical number line. There are two types of game boards both of which have two ability levels. There is a tower and a train track game board, one of which goes up to number 8 and one which goes up to number 18. Each player has a board and either a princess card or a train card depending on which game is being played. At the simplest level children take it in turns to roll a die and move that number of steps. The first one to reach the top of the tower or the end of the train track is the winner and win a prince card or train ticket respectively.

Alternatively, for those children who are a little bit more advanced with their understanding of number, they can play the game using the instruction cards. Children take it in turns to select an instruction card from the top of the pile. They follow the instructions according to what the card says e.g. ‘go to number 4’, ‘2 more’, ‘1 less’, etc. Again, the first one to get to the end of the number line is the winner.

For those children that are ready, there are more and less worksheets for them to complete with a vertical number line down the side of the page to support in finding the answers.

There are also vertical number lines that can be cut out and laminated and used to support with other number activities.

Also in the pack, there are numbered clothes that can be cut out and laminated and used for ordering on a washing line. The clothes can either be ordered or the children could find missing numbers on the washing line that is partly made.