Teach Your Children Digraphs


What is a Digraph?

A digraph is two letters which make one sound e.g. ‘sh’, ‘ch’, ‘th’, while a trigraph is three letters which make one sound e.g. ‘igh’, ‘tch’.

Teaching Children Digraphs

Once children are confident with single letter sounds they will be introduced to digraphs and trigraphs, this will be determined to some extent by the phonics programme being used.

Activity Pack

The activity pack consists of 8 pages of worksheets for the following digraphs – ‘sh’, ‘ch’, ‘th’, ‘qu’, ‘ng’ and ‘nk’.

On each of the worksheets children need to use 3 different colours to practise the letter formation in the large letters.

There is a set of smaller digraphs for children to practise the letter formation.

Children need to look at the pictures as some have the focus sound of the sheet in them and some of them don’t. Once children identify the pictures that have the sound in them they need to join them to the matching sound in the middle of the page.

Finally, they need to circle the sound in the word.

The final two sheets have a number of pictures with different sounds in them. Children need to decide which sound they can hear when they say the name of the picture and circle it from a choice of three.

These activities will help children to understand and remember the different digraphs in a fun way.

Children ready to work on these activities will have firm foundations in pre-phonic skills perhaps using some of my free suggested activities, which can be assessed using my free phonics booklet.

If you would like a copy of the pack then visit my teacherspayteachers store or my tes store.

For more activities visit my blog.

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