22 Free Pages of Easter Maths Activities

Easter Maths Activities
Easter Maths Activities

This is a bumper pack of free Easter resources to support your children in learning a number of different math’s activities. Take a look and grab it for yourself.

Easter Maths Activities 1

This Easter basket can be used to teach a whole range of mathematical concepts – number recognition, counting, and one to one correspondence. Cut out numbers 1 to 10 and choose one to place on the basket worksheet. Children can then place the correct number of cut out eggs into the basket to give them some counting practice. Encourage the children to count as they select the eggs as they so often forget to do this! Ask them to check once they have placed the eggs into the basket just to make sure that they have got it right. If the children have been doing lots of subitising activities they should be able to instantly recognise smaller quantities of numbers.

Easter Maths Activities 2

These numbered eggs can be used in a variety of ways. Cut them out and laminate them and place them around your outdoor area. Get the children to go on an egg number hunt to support number recognition. Once they have found an egg, see if they can find the same quantities of outdoor objects, e.g. sticks, stones, etc.

Give all of the eggs to the children so that they can order them, or use them as labels for different quantities of objects.

Some of the eggs have addition, subtraction and equals, signs which can be used to make a number sentence.

Easter Maths Activities 3

These mats support with number recognition, counting, one to one correspondence and number bonds. Different numbers can be placed on the mats to offer different opportunities. Cut out the sheep which can then be used in the fields to represent the numbers. Using the split field, children can demonstrate their ability with number bonds to five and beyond.

Easter Maths Activities 4

Match the Easter bunnies to their rabbit hole to support number recognition. Challenge the children with 1 more and 1 less questions, children will need to find the rabbit hole that represents the answer. Again there are addition, subtraction and equals symbols which can be used to put the rabbits into a number sentence.

Easter Maths Activities 5

Children will love adding the correct number of cute chicks to the nest. They will develop their counting skills and number recognition while having lots of fun.

Easter Maths Activities 6

Children can practise their number formation by following the dots and once they are really good at this there are more sheets with missing numbers for children to attempt to write their numbers independently.

Easter Maths Activities 7

Children can practise their repeating patterns with these worksheets which range from simple to hard. Children need to colour the eggs to match the next colour in the pattern.

Maths Activities 8

This worksheet comes in two sizes. Children can reinforce their knowledge about shape with this shape Easter egg. Test children’s knowledge by asking children the name of the shapes along with their properties. Children could even apply their understanding of repeating patterns by colouring each row to illustrate a simple pattern e.g. red, blue, red, blue, or a more complex pattern such as yellow, green, green or red, yellow, blue. The possibilities are endless.

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